Newcastle & North East Emmett Technique Training New Year 2013 – Andy Webb

Newcastle & North East Emmett Technique Training New Year 2013 – Andy Webb

Relieving chronic back and neck pain without drugs. This is another excellent opportunity to add to your professional tool kit for helping more people faster.

Andy has more knowledge of the intricate workings of musculature than most sports professionals working in the professional industry. His ways of working are unique and (un)surprisingly Andy can get real results where many long established body workers quite simply fail.

Andy was a professional body builder in the 18’s and 90’s and as such has a deep tacit knowledge of how a healthy body moves and works. In the last 15 years he has studies the neurology, biology and nervous system. Adding in depth psychological knowledge, Andy is offering a very much complete way of working with clients body-mind balancing.

This equates to a pretty much a genius in knowledge and experience and at the same time one of the most down to earth people you are ever likely to meet.

BE WARNED : The Emmett Technique one day course is laced with natural humour, some theory and most of all lots of practice. So you can fully absorb the moves without any requirement to know labels or names. The essence and accent here is practice and practice and practice.

This is a one to opportunities in the New Year to experience a training in the Emmett Technique, delivered by Andy. This one day training is about body balancing or more simply re-aligning the body’s musculature system to a natural state of working easily.

What You Will Learn On This Training

  • A systemic and holistic process
  • Head and Neck musculature re-balancing
  • Leg and torso re-balancing
  • Breathing and respiration easing
  • Foot and Calve re-balancing
  • Sacroiliac healing moves
  • Laugher … seriously!
  • Additional moves …
  • Working with Irritable Bowel

Training Dates January 2013 : All one day trainings £95

January Sunday 13th
2 Spaces available January

January Saturday 12th
8 Spaces available


Venue YWCA Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

Booking – Contact Andy direct

Call :  (UK) 0792 1926 940

Email :

Emmett Technique training in Newcastle, Hexham and the North East with Andy Webb for body balancing and corrective back, neck work and generative increased sports and professional performance using Emmett Technique.

Emmett Technique training in the UK and America. Andy Webb Emmett Technique and Advanced Emmett Workshops in Newcastle, Hexham and the North East with Andy Webb.

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