Emmett Technique Training Newcastle & Hexham

Emmett Technique Training Newcastle & Hexham

Andy works with professional sports people including boxers, rugby players and golfers using Emmett technique Newcastle. Recently the British number one tennis player Andy Murray announced he consults with a sports psychologist to improve his game.

Serious amateurs and professional sports players  utilise both physical and psychological assistance to often quite dramatically improve their performance. In his excellent book, The Inner game Of Tennis, Tim Galloway highlights what top performers do to create a flow state where the balance of practice and spontaneity come together in a peak state of excellence.

Your body is your vehicle that manifests the intention to be your best and be a winner. By having your body balanced and physically grounded, freely moving and more able to do more of what you want you can perform much better.

With the correct balance of mind and body the anticipated or desired results tend to come more easily.

This essentially means being free from muscular pain. Many people, quite many in fact, suffer from limitations in movement. This is predominantly back and neck pain but also can be discomfort in the legs, hips, calves and arms. A sports massage can and often does reduce discomfort in the body.

reducing pain, via a sports massage, creates a temporary change in pain perception but does not address the fundamental musculature structure of the body in relation to why there is a problem in the initial instance. A sports massage is like taking Aspirin to cure a headache. It treats the symptom but does not correct the initial cause of the problem.

Andy Webb Emmett Technique in Hexham and Newcastle offers a spectacular way to correct muscular problems so that the cause of problems is treated at the very root of the problem. Following genuine musculature and body balancing you can live a free-er and more enabling way to manifest your intentions, not just as a sports professional, but, in all expressions of your life.

Emmett technique trainings with Andy Webb in Hexham, Newcastle and Scotland are limited to 8 people on each one day training. Participants will learn powerful and deceptively simple techniques to remove neck back and body pain so you can improve your personal, professional and life performance.

Andy is teaching Emmett technique in America, Newcastle, Hexham and Scotland. Upcoming details of trainings for the rest of this year and 2013 will be published soon.

Contact Andy :
Tel : 07921 926 940
email : andrewfwebb @ hotmail.co.uk

Remember that each training is limited to only eight participants because all participants receive personal tuition in the Ross Emmett technique Newcastle.

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