Emmett Technique Muscle and Fascia Release One Day Training Newcastle : TBC

Emmett Technique Muscle and Fascia Release One Day Training Newcastle : TBC

This coming TBC Andy Webb is running the accredited Emmett Technique one day training for body balancing and muscle fascia release in Newcastle, Jesmond and surrounding areas such as Gosforth, Hexham and Teesside. Emmett Technique as taught by Andy Webb is a valuable complement to psycho-dynamic therapies and offers a hands on approach to change.

This is also very much for everyday people who want some dependable skills to help friends family and of course yourself! The techniques designed by Ross Emmett Australia are specifically for people who live a long way in distance and time from doctors. The techniques are designed to be easily learned and to rapidly restore the every day injuries that are accumulated and can be incapacitating. Helping to regain movement and freedom from pain has never been so easily accessible.

Participants will learn through structured practice how to release and problematic muscle problems going to maintain a better body balance for personal and professional application. The emphasis is always to be moving towards healthy and sustained musculature. When your muscles are free and re-aligned to put it simply your body and therefore you, can do more, more easily and enjoy an increased sense and feeling of ease of muscle movement.

This is a specific skill set that will complement sports injury specialists and anyone who is professionally offering treatment to neck and back problem resolution. The EMM TECH one day will also massively benefit people who want genuinely affective yet simple techniques that can relieve the majority of muscle strains and injuries to promote freedom of movement and so foster improved quality of life.

What Participants Will Learn

There are a huge number of people who are quire literally, walking around in discomfort and with limited movement. These techniques as taught by Andy will focus on simply yet extremely affective ways to heal neck and back problems, often in a matter of minutes and the results are often astounding!

  • Neck Release – Sternocleidomastoid. A rapid a gently move to increase neck rotation and freedom from restriction.
  • Shoulder Restrictions – Pectoralis Minor. To free up shoulder and some upper back restrictions and increase arm mobility.
  • Frozen Shoulder – Biceps Brachialis. Recover movement from sports injury’s and restricted arm movement. 2 moves.
  • Lower Back and Arm Restrictions – Latissimus Dorsi.  A move that frees up arm dragging and can give relief from sacroiliac pain.
  • Breathing & Diaphragm. Moves that assist in easier breathing by opening up the ribcage and abdominal muscles.
  • Forearm Release. Improves grip strength so its ideal for golfers and can assist in the treatment of repetitive strain injury and elbow pain.
  • Hamstring Release. Painless hamstring release so you can bend easier and get you back into sports quicker.
  • Hip & ITB. Improves movement and strength in the legs. Corrects squatting problems.
  • Calves – Gastrocnemius. Moves to reduce fluid retention, increase balance and loosen tight calves.
  • Foot & Core Stability. Two moves that can improve your balance and help you move easier.

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Venue YWCA Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne


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