Emmett Technique Hexham & Newcastle

Emmett Technique Hexham & Newcastle

The Emmett Technique, created and developed by Ross Emmett is a particularly affective light touch body therapy that medical practitioners, sports therapists and lay people are requesting to learn.

Sports therapists and professional body workers can add the one day training in applied Emmett Technique Newcastle  EMM_TECH to your professional techniques.  Over one day you are instructed in 12 specific techniques and receive an instructional DVD of the 12 techniques.

These moves taught on the EMM TECH short course can be used both as regular body balancing and remedial problem correction.

  • Neck Release – Sternocleidomastoid. A rapid a gently move to increase neck rotation and freedom from restriction.
  • Shoulder Restrictions – Pectoralis Minor. To free up shoulder and some upper back restrictions and increase arm mobility.
  • Frozen Shoulder – Biceps Brachialis. Recover movement from sports injury’s and restricted arm movement. 2 moves.
  • Lower Back and Arm Restrictions – Latissimus Dorsi.  A move that frees up arm dragging and can give relief from sacroiliac pain.
  • Breathing & Diaphragm. Moves that assist in easier breathing by opening up the ribcage and abdominal muscles.
  • Forearm Release. Improves grip strength so its ideal for golfers and can assist in the treatment of repetitive strain injury and elbow pain.
  • Hamstring Release. Painless hamstring release so you can bend easier and get you back into sports quicker.
  • Hip & ITB. Improves movement and strength in the legs. Corrects squatting problems.
  • Calves – Gastrocnemius. Moves to reduce fluid retention, increase balance and loosen tight calves.
  • Foot & Core Stability. Two moves that can improve your balance and help you move easier.

September 9th Training in EMM-TECH moves for professional body workers and lay people who want effective tools to keep you fit and healthy.


The Emmett Technique in Newcastle from Andy Webb will benefit professional sports people with remedial correction of physical pain and body maintenance.

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