EMM TECH – Emmett Technique Training Newcastle Hexham Gateshead

EMM TECH – Emmett Technique Training Newcastle Hexham Gateshead

The next EMM TECH one day training in using the EMMETT Technique for remedial pain management and body balancing from Andy Webb on 9th September in Newcastle upon Tyne is a deceptively simple and affective neuro-muscular procedure of light moves that realign the body’s muscular system.

Travelling from Hexham Emmett Technique or Gateshead, Sunderland is a short trip to Newcastle. The Emmett Technique training in Newcastle is close to the Mannors Metro. This one day training is excellent value at £95 because you will get skills to help that will last a life time. There are only six two places on this course so you can be sure you will have lots of 1:1 tuition from Andy.


This is a very hands on training where you are taught, through demonstration and practice a set of moves or techniques that are applied in multiples of three.

The set of moves comprises of honest body recognition, body correction and body confirmation as a direct experience of what you as an EMM TECH practitioner actually do.

As you will discover, there is a congruent modality of three repetitions of the moves that really do make a lasting difference that cements positive changes.

A training for existing professional therapists and additionally for those of us who want particularly affective and practical tools to restore the natural body state of comfort and full mobility without pain.

YOU can view some demonstrations of Ross Emmett using the moves and techniques you can learn by clicking on this link from EMMETT-UK to view two video demonstrations at the bottom of their page.


The techniques devised by Ross Emmett and demonstrated by Andy Webb will complement your current practice and offer you additional ways to help your clients get back to better mobility and become more mobile while removing neuro-muscular blocks.


This is a very practical course that demonstrates through exercises a set of 12 moves that you can use with your friends, family and loved ones to remove pain and encourage the reconnection with what the body does naturally. A beautiful set of techniques that are light touch, affective and very easy to learn.

All participants will receive a DVD demonstrating all 12 moves that you will learn throughout the day.


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